Congresswoman’s Clapback Goes Viral: No Regrets by Rep Crocket!

📊 Title: Congresswoman’s Clapback Goes Viral: No Regrets by Rep Crocket!

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Rep. Jasmine Crockett of Texas expressed no regrets over her remarks during a House Oversight Committee hearing. The incident occurred when Rep. Crockett responded with a pointed remark about Greene’s physical appearance. The exchange drew criticism and sparked a broader conversation about decorum in Congress.

Crockett defended her response during a CNN interview, stating that allowing Greene’s behavior without pushback would enable further rule-breaking. She emphasized that her role as a Congress representative does not equate to being a doormat. Despite the committee chair ruling that Greene’s comments did not violate rules, Crockett’s retort highlighted the ongoing tension and lack of cordiality between members of Congress.

Long-serving members of congress have noted a decline in civility compared to previous decades. Crockett mentioned that her predecessor, the late Eddie Bernice Johnson, felt that the current state of Congress was worse than when she first entered, indicating a shift in the political climate.

Crockett’s remarks during the committee hearing went viral on social media, with many users creating memes and expressing admiration for her use of alliteration. The incident overshadowed the original purpose of the meeting, which was to hold a vote of contempt for the Attorney General.

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