Netanyahu’s Gaza Bombshell: Crisis, Protests, Macron’s Warning! 🚨 #IsraelHamas

📊 Title: Netanyahu’s Gaza Bombshell: Crisis, Protests, Macron’s Warning! 🚨 #IsraelHamas

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the Israel-Hamas conflict on NBC’s Meet the Press. Following a Hamas attack that claimed 1,200 lives in Israel on Oct. 7, Israel launched a comprehensive offensive on Gaza, resulting in over 11,000 casualties. Concerns mount over the humanitarian crisis, with widespread protests urging an immediate ceasefire and protection for Gaza’s civilians. While U.S. leaders support Israel’s defense, emphasizing adherence to international human rights laws, French President Emmanuel Macron, in a Nov. 11 BBC interview, asserted “no justification” for the bombings, advocating for a ceasefire that would benefit Israel. The situation underscores global divisions on the ongoing conflict.

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